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Meaning of word heated from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

heated   adjective

Meaning : Made warm or hot (`het' is a dialectal variant of `heated').

Example : A heated swimming pool.
Wiped his heated-up face with a large bandana.
He was all het up and sweaty.

Synonyms : heated up, het, het up

जिसे तपाया गया हो या तपा हुआ।

तप्त बर्तन को छूते ही हाथ जल गया।
अनुतप्त, आतप्त, उत्तापित, उष्ण, गरम, गर्म, तपा, तपाया, तपित, तपु, तप्त, तापयुक्त, तापित, ताबदार, परितप्त, प्रतप्त

Meaning : Marked by emotional heat. Vehement.

Example : A heated argument.

Heated meaning in Telugu.