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Meaning of word rear from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

rear   noun

Meaning : The back of a military formation or procession.

Example : Infantrymen were in the rear.

The front of a military formation or procession.

The head of the column advanced boldly.
They were at the head of the attack.

Meaning : The side of an object that is opposite its front.

Example : His room was toward the rear of the hotel.

Synonyms : back end, backside

किसी वस्तु आदि के पीछे का भाग।

आतंकवादी घर के पिछले भाग में छिपा हुआ था।
पश्च भाग, पश्चभाग, पिछला भाग, पिछाड़ी, पीछा, पीछू, पृष्ठ भाग

ఏదైన వస్తువుకు వెనుక ఉండు భాగం.

మా ఇంటి వెనుక భాగంలో అనేక రకాల పూలమొక్కలను నాటాము.
పృష్టభాగం, వెనుకభాగం

The side that is forward or prominent.

forepart, front, front end

Meaning : The part of something that is furthest from the normal viewer.

Example : He stood at the back of the stage.
It was hidden in the rear of the store.

Synonyms : back

The part of something that is nearest to the normal viewer.

He walked to the front of the stage.

Meaning : The fleshy part of the human body that you sit on.

Example : He deserves a good kick in the butt.
Are you going to sit on your fanny and do nothing?.

Synonyms : arse, ass, backside, behind, bottom, bum, buns, butt, buttocks, can, derriere, fanny, fundament, hind end, hindquarters, keister, nates, posterior, prat, rear end, rump, seat, stern, tail, tail end, tooshie, tush

Meaning : The side that goes last or is not normally seen.

Example : He wrote the date on the back of the photograph.

Synonyms : back

The side that is seen or that goes first.


rear   verb

Meaning : Stand up on the hind legs, of quadrupeds.

Example : The horse reared in terror.

Synonyms : rise up

Meaning : Look after a child until it is an adult.

Example : Raise a family.
Bring up children.

Synonyms : bring up, nurture, parent, raise

Meaning : Rise up.

Example : The building rose before them.

Synonyms : lift, rise

మొదట ఉన్న స్థితికంటే అధికంగా మరింత ఎత్తుకు ఎదగడం

పాఠశాల పునాది నడుము ఎత్తుకు పెరిగింది
ఎత్తుకు ఎదుగు, ఎత్తుకు పెరుగు, ఎదుగు, పెరుగు, పైకి పెరుగు

ऐसी स्थिति में होना जिससे विस्तार पहले से अधिक ऊँचाई तक पहुँचे।

पाठशाला की नींव कमर तक उठ चुकी है।
उचना, उठना, ऊँचा होना

Meaning : Cause to rise up.

Synonyms : erect

Meaning : Construct, build, or erect.

Example : Raise a barn.

Synonyms : erect, put up, raise, set up

Tear down so as to make flat with the ground.

The building was levelled.
dismantle, level, pull down, rase, raze, take down, tear down

rear   adjective

Meaning : Located in or toward the back or rear.

Example : The chair's rear legs.
The rear door of the plane.
On the rearward side.

Synonyms : rearward

जो पीछे की ओर का हो।

जहाज़ के पश्च भाग में तिरंगा लहरा रहा है।
पश्च, पश्चस्थ, पाछिल, पिछला

ముందు, మధ్య భాగం కానిది

నౌక వెనుక భాగంలో పతాకం ఎగురుచున్నది.
వెనకల, వెనుక, వెనుకఉన్న, వెనుకభాగం

Rear meaning in Telugu.