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Meaning of word folly from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

folly   noun

Meaning : The trait of acting stupidly or rashly.

Synonyms : foolishness, unwiseness

ముర్ఖుడైన అవస్థ లేక భావన.

మూర్ఖుల దగ్గర నవ్వవద్దు నీ మూర్ఖత్వం వలన రూపొందించిన పని వ్యర్థమైంది
అవివేకం, మూఢత్వం, మూర్ఖత్వం

The trait of utilizing knowledge and experience with common sense and insight.

wisdom, wiseness

Meaning : A stupid mistake.

Synonyms : betise, foolishness, imbecility, stupidity

Meaning : The quality of being rash and foolish.

Example : Trying to drive through a blizzard is the height of folly.
Adjusting to an insane society is total foolishness.

Synonyms : craziness, foolishness, madness

Meaning : Foolish or senseless behavior.

Synonyms : craziness, foolery, indulgence, lunacy, tomfoolery

Folly meaning in Telugu.