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Meaning of word sexual love from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

sexual love   noun

Meaning : A deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction.

Example : Their love left them indifferent to their surroundings.
She was his first love.

Synonyms : erotic love, love

स्त्री और पुरुष जाति के प्राणियों के बीच का पारस्परिक स्नेह जो बहुधा रूप, गुण, सान्निध्य या कामवासना के कारण होता है।

हीर राँझा, शिरी फरहाद, ढोला मारू आदि का प्रेम अमर हो गया है।
असनायी, आशनाई, इश्क, इश्क़, इसक, दिल्लगी, प्यार, प्रणय, प्रीति, प्रेम, मुहब्बत, मोह

స్త్రీ,పురుషుల మధ్య ఉండే అభిమానం

-హీర్ రాంజా, శిరీఫరహాద్ డోలా మారు మొదలైన వారి ప్రేమ అమరం.
ప్రీతీ, ప్రేమ, మోహం

Meaning : Sexual activities (often including sexual intercourse) between two people.

Example : His lovemaking disgusted her.
He hadn't had any love in months.
He has a very complicated love life.

Synonyms : love, love life, lovemaking, making love

Sexual love meaning in Telugu.