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Meaning of word humourous from English dictionary with examples, synonyms and antonyms.

humourous   adjective

Meaning : Full of or characterized by humor.

Example : Humorous stories.
Humorous cartoons.
In a humorous vein.

Synonyms : humorous

పరిహాసము చేసేటటువంటి

మహేష్ స్వభావం హాస్యపూర్వమమైనది.

मज़ाक़ संबंधी या मज़ाक़ से भरपूर।

उनकी मजाकिया शायरी के सभी कायल हैं।
परिहासपूर्ण, मज़ाक़िया, मजाकिया

Lacking humor.

It was a humorless wink; a wink of warning.
humorless, humourless, unhumorous

Humourous meaning in Telugu.